Natural Fermentation

Great bread takes time. Always has, always will. That's because our very best bread is made with our very best Naturally Fermented dough.

From our authentic sourdough starter

At Stonemill®, most of our breads are made from a unique sourdough starter that's flown in from Germany every month to keep the integrity of our European style bread true to what it’s meant to be – delicious flavour and aroma, perfectly springy texture and wholesome goodness in every bite, following 100-year-old family baking traditions and time-honoured craftsmanship that started in Europe with our founder and master baker and brought to Canada for us all to enjoy.

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But what is Natural Fermentation and how does it make our bread taste so delicious?

Great question.

Fermentation is an age-old, natural process in which microorganisms like yeast and bacteria transform carbs like starch into alcohol or acids. The alcohol and acids dissipate during the baking process but not before they’ve had a chance to give our dough it’s distinct flavour, texture and aroma.

What are the benefits of slow crafted, Naturally Fermented bread?

A natural, slow fermentation process allows the flavour and texture of the bread to develop more fully, resulting in a more flavourful bread with tangy & sour notes, and a chewier texture. This process also acts as a natural preservative, keeping Stonemill® bread soft and fresh for longer.

And, although additional research is required, there are some studies that suggest benefits of sourdough bread products that may support better digestion, increased bioavailability of various nutrients and provide a product lower in glycemic index than other commercially produced breads made with commercial yeast.

Many bakeries use additives to speed up the process. It's faster to produce, but lacks the goodness and flavour that comes from Natural Fermentation. We give our dough the time it needs to naturally ferment - sometimes up to 48 hours - making it more wholesome and delicious.

We think this extra time and effort is worth it. Good things take time and making you the best loaf of bread we can is worth the wait.

Fermentation, according to a dietitian

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