Natural Fermentation

Great bread takes time. Always has, always will. That’s because our very best bread is made with our very best naturally fermented dough.

It all starts with our unique sourdough starter that’s flown in from Germany every month. We do this to ensure our bread maintains the same authentic flavour. A pinch of this starter is kneaded into our dough and then the natural fermentation process begins.

But what is natural fermentation and how does it make our bread taste so delicious?

Great question.

Fermentation is an age-old, natural process in which microorganisms like yeast and bacteria are given time to rest. When that happens, they transform carbs like starch and sugar into alcohol or acids. The alcohol and acids dissipate during the baking process but not before they’ve had a chance to give our dough it’s distinct flavour, texture and aroma. This process also acts as a natural preservative, keeping Stonemill bread soft and fresh for longer.

A lot of bakeries use additives to speed up the process. It’s faster to produce, but lacks the goodness and flavour that comes from natural fermentation. We give our dough the time it needs to naturally ferment – sometimes up to 12 hours – making it more wholesome and delicious.

We think this extra time and effort is worth it. Good things take time and making you the best loaf of bread we can is worth the wait.

Bread dough that is fermenting.
Stonemill Bakehouse naturally fermented dough presented by baker
A fermented loaf of bread.

Abbey Sharp - Stonemill Natural Fermentation

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Great Bread Takes Time

It’s Who We Are

Natural fermentation isn’t just a step in our bread making process, it’s representative of who we are. Just like you, we appreciate when things are done right – even if it means it takes a little longer. The time and care we put into our bread comes from a passion to make you a perfect loaf.

We believe in delivering a healthy, wholesome, delicious product. That’s why we’re proud to use quality, nothing-to-hide ingredients and It’s why we’re proud to have been doing this for more than 100 years, using the same baking techniques, and natural sourdough starter.

We hope you enjoy your next loaf of Stonemill as much as we’ve enjoyed baking it for you.

A fermented loaf of bread.